Return of the Rambler


we meet again. and in a hot, brand-spankin' new locale, to boot! i'm glad to see you've found your way back to my little blog after our time apart. i whipped this baby into shape faster than you can say "extreme little blog makeover" {but who can actually say that quickly and non-clunky sounding?} and now i'm so proud to show it off.


reunited. we've been reunited. and just in time for...

...Christmas! Merry Christmasi can't believe the most wonderful time of the year is here already. for some reason it just hasn't quite felt like Christmas. it seems so soon! maybe it's the ridiculously warm weather we had for so long. or because i'm getting older. i think school and finals may have had me distracted. but it's probably because I never watched Elf between thanksgiving and now. either way! i hope your holiday season has been full of laughter and love {and food, let's keep it real}. i know mine has.

...my trip to Mexico. ..{!!} or should i say move to Mexico? nope, we'll stick with trip. move sounds too permanent. and since i'm in denial about this whole big happening, permanence really isn't the sound i'm going for. i really am excited about my semester-long study abroad journey in Merida, Mexico and this is the perfect place to record any and every happening that occurs in the next 4 months while abroad. welcome to my not-so-private journal! lucky you! you're practically VIP! {also, i'm video blogging ["vlogging" to be geekily exact] for Central's study abroad website. i'll be posting about once a week -- and don't worry, i'll share the link all up in here! now, can anyone teach me how to make a video?}

i wasn't sure how or when i was going to pick up writing again and i felt like the further i got from my last post the sillier i felt starting up again. and i knew i wanted my return post to be perfect.
so i waited.
and waited.
and then. inspiration strikes at the most random of times, too, it seems. my tired self can attest to that today, for when i lay down Saturday night at 2 a.m., my eyes a-fluttered and my brain wheels suddenly began turning and turning. and somehow, in a jumble of thoughts and nonsense, and a snoring, pillow-hogging poodle with his bum dangerously aiming at my face, {and its not like you can just turn them away after they so boldly choose YOU over all other family members and empty living room furniture to share their snuggles with} this post was born.

and so the clear moral of that story is i'm glad to have you back and to be back. i can't wait to write and share and record. AND I'M FEELING INSPIRED. two hips for inspiration! and a hooray for Christmas!

ready or not, it's time for an adventure.

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