the quirks of travel

it seems like whenever you're traveling a long distance, especially when you go by plane/train/bus/ferry/etc.?, there are bound to be some downright goofy moments that you remember and look back on and smile about forever.
i had a few of those moments on sunday:

-- the stewardess as we were preparing for take-off: wear your seatbelts like J Lo's pants: tight and low.
-- the stewardess as we were preparing for landing: we hope next time you travel you choose to get 
    high with us.
    that stewardess was a sassy one! her side comments were appalling. (yet enjoyable).

-- things to not do when you are stranger of a man to the little innocent girl sitting next to you
    on the plane: pull out a plastic bag of mysterious unmarked pills, turn to little girl and say, "gotta
    stash my illegal drugs before i get off." and then top of that statement with a creepy smirk, not a
    laugh or an oh i'm kidding! or anything. an interesting choice of joke before exiting the plane into mexico,
    my neighbor. and then i hugged my carry on a little closer and couldn't make eye contact for the
    remainder of the flight.

-- airport security man and his cronies: how old are you? (this conversation was mostly spanish, elevating
    the awkward factor to a whole new level)
    me: nineteen
    man and cronies: (whispering in spanish) (me thinking: hello, i know espanol, nice try) do you have a
    mexican boyfriend?
    me: no?
    man: do you want one?
    me: um i don't know?
    man: well you will have one soon enough!
    me: (shooting sean my flying buddy the get over here and save me look. he didn't get the hint)
    cronie #1: well put me on your list!
    me: (nervous laughing while snatching my passport and makes a run for it)
                         end scene. and that was my first spanish conversation in mexico.

--  there have been a few moments where one of us has worked super hard to formulate a sentence
     in spanish to speak to a local and then they reply in english... hello embarrassing.

-- we had a "who's the palest?" competition while waiting for the bus. i won.

it's been an amazing second day and i can't wait to fill you in on it. i just woke up from my siesta (i'm totally bragging) and am headed to our afternoon orientation session in la Palapa! check back for a post on la Plaza soon.
xo, rachel

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