I CONFESS: playa del carmen edition

today i'm linking up with catalyn at confessions of a northern belle to drop a bunch of personal confessions on you all... i figured what a fun way to give you a little insight on my time in playa del carmen. 

so playa edition it is!
are you ready?

i must confess, i listened to my two one direction albums on repeat for about 82 percent of the 5 hour bus ride from merida to playa del carmen. the rest of the time i was asleep. {so much for getting gobs of homework done! productivity and vacations cannot coexist!}

i must confess, instead of splurging on an all-inclusive resort, we booked a room at the most quaint, home-y bungalow of a hotel called luna blue. it was the best choice.

i must confess, at said hotel, we are the only two people under the age of 40. we were also the two guests that went to bed the earliest. so we got a little shy about using our free margarita coupons at the packed bar? it was live entertainment night. the place was hoppin'. there's always tomorrow. and plus, we need our sleep, because we have to be first at the complimentary sweet bread station in the morning. sweet bread! fo free! 

i must confess, when you travel with me, you learn i really have no secrets. the best friend is finding that out the hard way. 

i must confess, i'm not a huge fan of beaches. i get a little turned off by the windiness and all of the sand getting uncontrollably everywhere, ya know? if tomorrow turns out as cold and rainy as it was today, i won't be too bummed. {by thursday, though, it had better shape up! we have plans!}

i must confess, i get downright giddy being able to practice my spanish so much. and apparently, i'm not too shabby? says the locals. one guy even told me i pronounce the words beautifully! so maybe they were all store owners trying to lure me in to make a purchase... but it worked. flatter me! oh, what's that you say, i have lovely pronunciation? how much is that heinous sea shell with googly-eyes and whiskers glued on it? i'll take seven!

i must confess, the bestie and i already have tomorrow planned, and this schedule was designed completely revolving around food. 

well that was fun! lucky for you i'm an over share-er. and now my deepest, darkest playa secrets are out in the open. i feel like a whole new woman! 

well, i'm off to make more! secrets, that is. adios!

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