this is what finals + 4 months abroad does to a girl. just look at those monster bangs! consider yourselves lucky i spared you an aerial photo of my roots... ha ha.
i'm longing to blog, but until tomorrow afternoon i have a final presentation and exam tugging at my guilt strings, reminding me i need to prepare and focus on them rather than my little home on the interweb [+ facebook, + twitter, + instagram, + my e-mail, + counting my freckles (which have multiplied thanks to my weekend at the beach:) + watching paint dry, etc. a.k.a. pretty much anything and everything else that is even slightly more appealing]. by tomorrow afternoon you can expect posts on posts on posts about my weekend at isla mujeres, my time volunteering in cholul, aaand a bunch of other random stuff hiding up my sleeve. the anticipation, i know! try and contain your excitement, please! 

i hope your weekend + monday was a pleasant one and i will be back to blogging tomorrow! 

[i'm so, so good at cutting myself off from blogging to focus on my studies but finding reasons to blog, like writing a post about why i haven't been posting. as annoying as that is, i give myself a few claps for creativity and rule-bending. clap clap!]


  1. best of luck on finals, lady!!

    1. THANK you! :) just finished up this evening, and honestly, it feels so good to be free!