a real life orchid! in a real life orchid garden!

- i got fried last weekend (i'm sure no one's surprised by this) and i'm suffering through the itchy/burny/blistery stage. it's the worst on my back waistline, which has made wearing pants fun! ;) (just to clarify, i am still wearing pants)
- it hit me that this week is full of lots of "lasts." one last trip to progreso. one last wednesday starbucks date. one last "burger king session." one last trip to altabrisa for fro-yo. one last mega run. one last adventure to the centro... and it's sad. i don't think i'm quite ready to say goodbye.


- i'm beginning to not completely hate the air-dried version of my hair. sometimes it even looks slightly cute.
- today is may! may day! hello, sweet sweet month of may, i welcome your arrival with open arms and sloppy kisses. and this kicks off the 20th birthday countdown... only 28 days remain! gah i'm old.
- iron man 3 is already out in mexico! take that, united states! i think this calls for one last trip to the movie theater to gobble up caramel popcorn and 2 hours with of robert downey jr.
- 3 more days! THREE! need i even say until what?
- i found out i'm going to be an RA next year in the exact same room i was in last semester. year two of an all freshman floor. i can't wait to meet them all and morph them into my little college-dominating minions! muahaha.
- while i was odering at starbucks today, the man next to me looked over and just about peed his pants in excitement as he squeal-asked me in english if i was from the united states. and while i almost peed my pants in surprise at someone approaching me in english, i was a little offended. how could he tell?? is it that obvious? after four months have i still not been accepted as a local!?! this is ludicrous! fun fact: the locals can even tell when other mexicans aren't from the area. how,  you ask? their legs are covered in mosquito bites. :)

what would you give onions and orchids to from your week? have a lovely wednesday!

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