my grandpa's flag waving high downtown williamsburg in honor of memorial day.
orchids to you, grandpa! orchids to all veterans!
(photo cred. to my pops)
- do you know how hard it is to work in an establishment that has you often scooping blue bunny ice cream? it is so, impossibly hard.
- i desperately need to start getting back into a consistent exercising routine (and adopt healthier eating habits along with that [see: blue bunny ice cream]). i've gotten sluggish and let my eating-whatever-i-want-whenever-i-want get a little out of control. i'll be in trouble when my metabolism catches up with me, so i need to start getting healthier now to hopefully soften the blow for poor, sad, slow-metabolized rachel of the future.

- i was on the receiving end of a true random act of kindness in the mcdonald's drive thru. after ordering my iced coffee, i was told the car in front of me decided to pay for my order. i was completely surprised and touched! i hung around to pay-it-forward for the order after mine and heard/saw they were just as grateful as i was. i have no idea if the chain continued (i hope it did!), but even so, the small gesture between our small trio of cars was a powerful one. it made my day knowing a stranger would go out of their way to do something kind for someone else, and made me even happier knowing i, myself, could spread the love even further and make someone else's day, too.
- my european backpacking adventure itinerary is complete! 
- i was having a bedtime snack with the adorable toddler i babysit last weekend when she suddenly leaned over, threw herself into my arms, wrapped her little hands around my neck and said, "ohh i love you, rach." in that moment my heart burst into a million tiny pieces. 
- tomorrow's my birthday! my twenty-first birthday. i thought i was going to be all cool and nonchalant about it but even twenty-one year old's get excited about birthdays. ;)
- lunch dates with my mom. they're one of my all-time favorite things.

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