we took a photo every hour of the 11.5 hour car ride to colorado to document the trip and our stages/feelings/happenings/sanity along the way. it was a fun family challenge to come up with something different to represent each stage of our journey and surprisingly made the time pass fairly quickly.

without further adieu, i now present to you:
our colorado car trip in pictures.

^ 7:00 AM: loaded up and ready for take off!
^ 7:20 AM: we're ready to rock and roll! colorado here we come!
^ 8:00 AM: settling in
^ 9:00 AM: time to go back to bed
^ 10:00 AM: getting a second wind
^ 11:00 AM: lunch time at five guys!
^ 12:00 PM: fuelin' up!
^ 1:00 PM: girls picking up the slack after i'd fallen asleep. there isn't a selfie style they can't conquer.
^ 3:00 PM: just after we pulled off to buy snacks, along with a trucker who pulled off to do push ups. we did just use "the cleanest restroom on i-80," so i'd say we're feeling equally as good.
^ 4:00 PM central time: this is how we feel about nebraska and its great plains and its smells.

^ 4:20 PM mountain time: crossing the state border into colorado! timely coincidence? i think not! faces to prove it.
here we are! ish.
we did it!
little did we know, we still had about four hours until we reached denver, but the last leg of the trip went was rather painless, despite the fact that we got caught in an almost-tornado, blinding rain/hail, and witnessed multiple spooky accidents all within a few miles of each other. we were convinced we were trapped in some weird twilight zone and were left with a questionable first impression of colorado. don't worry, though, CO has most definitely redeemed itself! more to come, soon! 

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