O & O

it's thursday and here i am, publishing a wednesday post that i've been working on since tuesday. that's how summer brain works sometimes. shall we? 

- i've found that i inevitably have at least one tragically awkward moment per shift at the pizza haus. it's a shame, i'm embarrassing, etc. etc., all facts i'm still trying to come to terms with. my latest: while carrying a tall stack of empty pizza boxes from the back room to the front counter, i was walking around a big loaded party table, making a conscious effort to refrain from running into the group's 102-year-old grandpa, which led to an overcompensation of avoidance on my part and i ran my boxes straight into the ice cream cooler, causing a few table members to shriek and grandpa to hunch over and take cover. keeping composure, i walked in the opposite direction to find my balance and shift the boxes back in place and smacked plum into the salad bar, boxes crashing down around me. others this week:
    + knocking the ranch dressing ladle from its tub in the salad bar onto the floor. ranch-soaked carpet.
    + dropping an entire tub of pickles onto the floor. juicy.
    + knocking over an ice-filled cup (completely and mostly just onto my own lap but also 
       in front of a customer. its party of 15 children erupting in a chorus of evil laughter. (kids) (psht)).
i'll stop while i'm not ahead. 
- i'm working on syncing the photos on my iphone to photobucket so that i have them backed up and can delete a majority from my phone to make room for new pictures, which sounded like a brilliant idea at the time, but is proving to be more difficult than i thought! i'm using the app which is so convenient, just time-consuming and a little hard to follow. any tips for an easier way? am i crazy for attempting this or just late to the game? probably (usually) the latter.
- summer's already flying by and i feel like i don't have much to show from it which is burning a little hollow hole of sadness in my heart. is this what it's like to get old? i can't wait for a little down time in the next few weeks so my family and i can start going on little adventures!

- we have gotten super into the world cup, which is extremely out of character for us, but it's been such a blast. i think what makes it the most is that it brings us together as a family, and since we're not die-hard fans, we can simply just enjoy it together. it gives us something to bond over and talk about (as if we ever were at a loss for things to talk about). we (i) don't know much about the logistics of the tournament or really the sport itself in general, but i'm amazed with what i've been able to pick up from the little i've watched. plus it's just downright adorable listening to my sisters (avid fans/players of the sport) whip out their impressive soccer terminology. ;) (we've also all agree that soccer players are the cutest).
- i've been back to running ("running") for over a week now! i can slowly see a small progression building, and the sense of pride and accomplishment i feel after working out only motivates me to keep at it. i can't wait to see how i improve within the next few weeks.
- divergent. i'm halfway through. i'm hooked. jenna thinks it rivals the hunger games - she'd even argue it's quite possibly better! what do you think? 
- speaking of little j, she turns 15 on saturday! fifteen. this is impossible. ludicrous! farcical i tell you! we shan't allow it. 
- i made muffins yesterday morning for breakfast after i got back from my run. they were of the blueberry sort. it was such a peaceful half hour; the sun warming my skin as it peeked through the kitchen window and the sweet aroma of baking muffins filling my nose. i thrive off of simple "me time" like that. and not to toot my own horn or anything, but the muffins were delicious. (toot).
- i really want a fanny pack. someone talk me out of it.


  1. oh man I love these posts!! and I totally thrive off of simple "me time" too...AND just last night I was talking to someone about fanny packs. I seriously want one too..LETS BRING THEM BACK!! :)

    1. thank you lady! :) ME TOO! have you come across any cute trendy ones?? i've seen a few online and have kept my eyes peeled when out and about but have yet to find one i'm sold on. we may be a little ahead of the 'ole Midwest in this department but I WANT IT TO HAPPEN! i'll do it if you do it! ;) #bringbackfannypack !