happy birthday to my beautiful, kindhearted, thoughtful, intelligent, hilarious, lovely, flexible, mature, witty, ginger, shining, supportive, musical, calm, "super," modelicious, sweet sweet fifteen-year-old sister! each of these qualities of yours is so admirable and inspiring. oh how i can't wait to see where life takes you. i am so proud to be your big hermana. i love you so much it hurts.

birthday bonus! on  this day both 12 and 7 years ago...
mini jennas! WASN'T SHE THE CUTEST? those freckly cheeks!
it looks like june 21 was a really good day because today is also my best friend alyssa's golden TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY. happy birthday, chick! thanks for taking on the world with me. oh how i wish i could be there to help you celebrate, but i know you will have the best day. i promise to grace you with my presence soon... after all, i do owe you a birthday drink... at starbucks! ;) 
a rachel-alyssa photo is not complete if it doesn't contain food. love ya friend! 
thanks june 21 for providing me with two of my very best friends ever! you really rock. and so do you, jenna and alyssa! happy birthday!

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