one week and three uniquely beautiful cities later, i can confidently say that colorado is one of the most breathtaking, amazing places i have ever been to. i quickly fell in love with the community's hip, chill vibe and everyone's relaxed nature, the gorgeous (humidity-free, might i add, ehem, iowa, i'm lookin' at you!) weather, and the stunning landscapes. the mountains! need i say more? there was never a dull moment nor view on our little day trips from city to city. that's not saying much, however - we were easily amused after spending some six hours driving through nebraska.
the first leg of our "colorado palooza 2014" was spent in denver. i've always felt a bit like a big-city girl trapped in a small-town girl's body, so i relished the opportunity to traipse around downtown denver and weave in and out of all of the quaint little boutiques and coffee shops. we love to explore, so in denver, that's exactly what we set out to do.
on the evening of our first full day there, we went to a colorado rockies baseball game. we really like baseball and were so excited to attend our first professional game. we were even more thrilled after learning the rockies were playing a midwest team we're somewhat familiar with - the st. louis cardinals. what's even sweeter: cardinals dominated. also: we're a huge fan of baseball stadium food.
the stadium overlooks downtown denver with a gorgeous glimpse of the rocky mountains on the horizon.
on day two we went to the zoo! we love zoos and were inspired by this trip to make it our mission to visit all major zoos in the midwest over the next few summers. the denver zoo is impressive; it's huge and has any different exotic animal species and exhibits you could imagine. well, except for a meerkat exhibit, which was of course the one animal my sister was set out and determined to see. we hunted all day for the meerkats, but alas, were not successful. our suspicion was confirmed when a zoo employee informed us they were almost positive their one token toothless meerkat in the lion exhibit had finally bit the big one. bummer. so we ate our feelings in the form of ice cream and kettle corn. it made up for it.
big city perks? starbucks on every corner. you bet i took advantage.
special bonus segment
denver, co: in which i/we become a tourist attraction model/s

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