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we ladies of the family took advantage of a few mutual hours of free time over the weekend and adventured up to cedar rapids to explore the newbo and farmer's markets. the two markets are within blocks of each other, so our original plan was to hit up the newbo market and then make our way downtown to the farmer's market via the trolley. however, the agenda was unfortunately altered after a gloomy, lingering, rain cloud (practically literally) rained on our parade, washing out the farmer's market before we could make it there. still, we made the most of our time indoors, eating our way up and down the aisles of the big, mod warehouse. tucked together like puzzle pieces are a variety of vendors - most local, fresh/organic businesses, each with an impressive specialty of sorts. i was weighing my lunch options, vacillating between filling up on cupcakes and baguettes from the bakery, wood-fired pizza, or some form of noodles (because one can never go wrong with noodles!) when the clouds parted and a blinding beam of light burst through (accompanied by a faint yet bold humming of the hallelujah chorus rising in the background, naturally), illuminating la reyna, a food stand selling authentic mexican cuisine and groceries. the restaurant menu included none other than my favorite tacos al pastor with a bottle of apple soda to wash it down. i stuffed my face and then some because tastebud nostalgia. it was perfection.
thank you, newbo market, you scrumptious pretty thing you, for allowing me to relive some old memories and make new ones. and CR farmer's market - don't think you're off the hook just yet! we'll be back for ya.

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