4 -- the number of moroccan cities visited (tangier, asilah, rabat, chefchaouen)
2 -- the number of hostels stayed in
765 -- the number of miles traveled
11 -- the number of times i listened through the entirety of my 31-song one direction playlist
18 -- the number of hours spent on the road
-- number of days gone from granada
2 -- the number of nights we spent with local moroccan families
10 -- the number of times we had moroccan tea
2 -- the number of hours spent in a moroccan hammam (public bath)
-- the number of meaningful, personal, thought-provoking conversations had with local young adults and families alike
15 -- the number of times i was quoted saying "i'm so full" and then kept eating (MOROCCAN FOOD)
3 -- the number of times i cried (happy, emotionally-overwhelmed tears, of course)
8 -- the number of college students we met with whom we were able to openly talk about and compare taboo topics such as religion, gender, sexuality, politics, and dating
2 -- the number of arabic words i learned to say (thank you and goodbye, the only two words i truly needed to know)
67 -- the number of times its original size my heart has grown since meeting and spending time with such a selfless, kind, hospitable, caring, inquisitive, intelligent group of people

i'm so eager to share with you some of the more intimate details of my time in morocco, but after a day of rest, i've decided to take advantage of my last bit of vacation time before classes start and head to malaga for the weekend; thus, prolonging the blogging process and dragging on this silence just a bit longer. the anticipation! i'm trying to strike a balance between taking the time to step away from the action to document every little happening and actually going out, making things happen, and focusing on doing something for the personal experience of it - really taking in every last detail with each of my senses and internally processing it along the way - rather than superficially scoping things out just for the sake of documenting it later on. so this is me! going out and living rather than observing. but don't worry, i'm taking plenty of mental (and physical - you should see the little notebook floating around my purse) notes along the way. this just means more future posts to read, right? 


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