churros con chocolate - spanish raquel's kryptonite
spanish raquel can always justify a midday gelato and an early evening pastry (typically a blueberry muffin, but when spanish raquel is feeling wild it's a chocolate croissant).

spanish raquel eats jelly on her toast.

spanish raquel doesn't complain about the +85*F heat because mexican raquel reminds her that it could be much, much worse.

spanish raquel loves all things pistachio flavored. doesn't that scream sophistication? pistachio.

spanish raquel walks everywhere, and as a result, not only gets in an impressive amount of daily exercise, but also has seen and learned to navigate the city. two-fer!

spanish raquel embraces the nightlife by going out for tapas - and likes it.

spanish raquel has worn a regular bra every day for over a week. here's to not looking like a slobby american in work-out clothes with no intention of exercising.

spanish raquel misses her loved ones in the states, but is so thankful for wifi, instant messaging, and skype.

spanish raquel speaks with the accent of a mexican raquel and is understood by no one.

spanish raquel is learning that, with this slower pace, she can afford to slow her pace, for she's no longer racing to catch up with the long-legged folk.

spanish raquel is always craving chocolate. always.

spanish raquel loves trying new things, meeting new people, learning new ways, and going on adventures, and is thrilled to have the next three months to continue doing just that.

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