this here is one of my firstest and bestest irish friends (FBIF), sharing with me all of the wisdoms and wiseties of irish immersion.  the following is a guide on the proper vocabulary to be used in order to sound like a proper irishman, as told by FBIF:

ride = lift
trunk (of a car) = boot
chips = crisps
french fries =  chips
gasoline = petrol
vegetables = veg
stroller = buggy
shopping cart = trolly
band-aid = plaster
job/position = post 
(dollar) bill = note
leash = lead
bus = coach
planner = diary
schedule = timetable 
pitch = field

i'm finding that the irish are exceptional conversationalists with gooooood senses of humor.  they're always initiating genuine conversation, all-the-while laughing and joking away, a trait that i appreciate because it says so much about their culture.  conversation etiquette can be quite telling; the one thing that irish conversation style tells me is that it plum rocks.  it makes navigating the "language barrier" (a term used ever so lightly of course) that much more exciting. 

and there ye have it, mates!

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