A Merry Christmas Had by All

it's a funny thing, that Christmas. funny how something like said holiday can cause months of hype and built-up anticipation in preparation and then in just a bright whoosh of 24 hours it's all over. december 26th has a sort of sad, somber vibe about it. wouldn't you agree? it's the day of the "what now?" -ish feelings. fortunately when december 27th hits Christmas feels like so long ago and hey look! you're back to just any ole regular non-holiday winter day. 

that's part of the fun though, i think. the holiday buzz i mean. it's a special time to pump up the pep and bond with loved ones and strangers alike over the excitement for Christmas. and on a personal level, Christmas bonding is just what i did, and wow, it was glorious. 

every year on Christmas Eve we have soup {chicken noodle and oyster to be specific and to allow you to picture exactly what goes down since that's necessary} at my grandma's before heading to the Christmas Eve service at church. 

Christmas morning we woke up bright and early to open presents. fortunately Santa remembered us this year {i apparently dodged the "naughty list" once again -- mark it!} and after a quick lunch of french toast we were on our way to fulfill our annual tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas afternoon. our mission to see les miserables was aborted, however, when we learned that there were only four tickets left. and there were five of us. my musical-obsessed father was crushed. so we settled on the hobbit. oh, how was it?! you ask in honest wonder. oh! well. i unfortunately couldn't tell you, i may or may not have fallen asleep. twice. and don't ask jenna. she fell asleep too. our clan was overcome with boredom. 

so we left early.
and then giggled about it the whole way home.
not one of my proudest moments.
but it was a Merry Christmas had by all.

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  1. I'm glad you're back, Raachbug!! I've missed your ramblings!