this year I resolve to...

my father says this is the correct way to verb a resolution. that man knows i'm a grammar police and he sounded pretty confident in his answer so i suppose we shall believe him just this once? [and what i'm basically saying here is that if it's incorrect, you know who to blame!]

i don't typically get into all the new year's resolution biz-nass. in the past, the goal-setting buzz around this time always got me thinking about little changes improvements i'd like to make and incorporate into my new-year lifestyle, however i was never deeply moved enough to write something down and do it. because then i have to stick to it! it's practically set in stone! [or scrawled with glitter ink in my thought clouds but whatever]. oh, the pressure! and if i don't follow through, it hangs over my head and causes that icky guilty feeling to linger inside of me. and no one likes a guilt-lingerer. so instead, i do the fun, spontaneous, forever-failing "i need to stop eating chips! starting now!" stuff and then forgot by that evening. [when it comes to chips i purposely forget because those guys are my favorite].


this year, oh this year, i've got plans. big ones. life is screaming at me that nineteen years of age is THE TIME to buckle down and take new year's resolutions seriously. and i'm listening!

in 2013, i resolve to...
... read six books
... do a daily devotion // my mom gave me this beautiful daily devotional
            this year and i'm gonna put it to good use!
... blog/journal at least four times a week - especially during my time abroad. i look forward to
            having my blog and handwritten notes to look back on when
            i'm older [so much looking! in so many directions!]
... become fluent en español // if it don't happen in mexico, it won't ever happen.
... read the Bible in a year // my sweet, sweet dorm neighbor asked me if i'd
           like to do this challenge with her after talking and discovering last semester that we
           have this mutual objective. we're following this daily reading plan. wanna join?
... get healthy!(er) // more exercise. ew! less fried/processed/gross (yummy) food. gasp!
           replace them with fruits and veggies. and before that, learn to like
          veggies. nevahhh!!!!! 
... put down my cell phone and separate [i can't quite bring myself to 
    completely divorce them] from social media and live in the now.

i'm excited to get started on these little goals of mine. they're all something i've wanted to accomplish for a while now. today's the perfect day to start!
what are your new year's resolutions? 

happy new year!

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