Onions & Orchids Wednesday

i felt it necessary to bring back my weekly tradition of onions and orchids. it's a fun way to reflect on the silly, awkward, awesome, and memorable little things that occur each week.

and now! i present to you!

onions for: 
  • my mom and sisters went back to school today. bruiser and i are bored and lonely. so bored, so lonely. already. sigh. however we are getting our money's worth out of our netflix free month trial. ;)
  • i'm in the process of buying textbooks for next semester. shall we just leave it at that? okay no i must pause for some quick real talk: what's your take on "ebooks"? would it be worth it cost-wise to purchase a tablet and renting the book on there [and weight-wise - those 15 minute walks to class in 100 degree heat are gonna be a kicker]? i just have this thing about being able to physically hold the book and flip through the pages. it's half the fun of book reading. and that old book smell! kindles just aren't old book scented. 
  • i was hanging out with my mom at work before christmas break. she and i were walking a student back to their classroom. said student and i are buddies, so we were holding hands and skipping very cute-like. a friend of the student ran up to us and yelled, "HEY STUDENT, IS THAT YOUR MOM??!" i smiled sweetly while thinking the friend was referring to my mom and then looked at her, only to realize she was gesturing to me. SHE WAS ASKING STUDENT IF I WAS HER MOTHER. gasp. shudder. end scene.
  • mother and i went to red blobster to splurge on our favorite usual: chef's signature lobster and shrimp pasta. it'd been taken off the menu. of course.
  • please read bullet two en la seccion de orchids. soak it in. now: i bawled cried in les mis. 8 times. a.k.a. never stopped shedding tears. and i am not a crier. my family can't get over it. the crying i mean. it was unusual. i guess i was feeling a little emotionally unstable?
orchids to: 
  • netflix. netflix netflix netflix. and the beauty of its free trial and plethora of tv episodes [note: the movies are lamies].
  • les miserables. it was absolutely, beautifully outstanding. it moved me.
  • i am a new owner of an espresso machine! our house has practically been transformed into a starbucks! it smells fabulous. and i am forever hyper! a win-win!!
  • my best friend applied for her passport today so she can come visit me in mexico over spring break. [!!!] she is the wonderfullest. march 10, i can't wait to see you.
i hope you stayed warm on this chilly wednesday! the weekend is a measly 48 hours away! yes!

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