Today I choose...

... to wake up happy.

... to wear animal print pants 'cause they add a splash of life to this cold and
    grey winter day.

... find the good in all things. even those that appear to have no redeeming qualities. it's hard sometimes,
    but worth it.

... to hug my family extra tight.

... to drink coffee. it puts a little pep in my step {and feeds into my addiction. oops.}.

... to count my blessings and be grateful. for everything.

... to purchase that "ebook" i wasn't sure about. i'm a risk taker!

... to do my devotional and strengthen my bond with and knowledge of Him.

... to watch a few more episodes of gossip girl {and 90210}{and lost}{it's christmas break!}.
    re-watching the gg series has it's perks. re-oogling the handsome male cast? don't have to
    ask me twice! and my family is hooked. i'm so proud.

... to smile. they're contagious, ya know?

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