late night thoughts are dangerous ones

it's one of those nights when you ease into bed at an early hour, snuggle up with a good book to tire your eyes, and slowly lie down with a smug satisfaction that you're going to get a good night's rest.
but then the minute your sleepy head hits that cool pillow your eyelids repel one another like two north poles of a magnet. your eyes start a-flickerin' and your brain starts a-thinkin' and suddenly it's chanting at you i'm up! get up! it's time to play! and even though you're so, so drowsy, your head disagrees.
and maybe it has something to do with the giant coffee you chugged at 7 pm?
but probably not.
and all of your worries and thoughts and checklists come crawling out from their little hiding places amongst {which apparently is a  "dead word" now? not if i can help it!} the cranium shadows. and they creep around - a clan of them settling into a giant lump in your throat {evidently i get emotional when i'm sleep-deprived?}.
well, it happens to me, anyways.
then my thoughts start to wander to that big, bad "M" word that's forbidden to be spoken in my household because we all hate it a little right now. {fine it stands for "mexico" but SHH don't let my mother hear}. and i think about all the things i need to cram into the next 16 days. like --
--eating at all of my favorite american restaurants. there are a lot so we must start now. merida has a subway though, but what if their meat tastes different? or their menus are in spanish!?! quick, what's the spanish word for subway melt on white bread with american cheese? WILL THE AMERICAN CHEESE THERE STILL BE CALLED AMERICAN!?!
--memorizing all of the mexican no-nos: don't bring someone red flowers {or was it white?}. always have your wrists above the table when eating. don't make eye contact, it's disrespectful {thanks for totally undoing my upbringing, yo}. avoid wearing white and short-shorts. probably especially white short-shorts. lick your plate clean {doubt i'll have a problem doing that}. surely if i goof up we can all blame it on me being a foreign ignoramus, right?
--seeing my friends one last time.
--purchasing all of my favorite personal items - extra contacts - toiletries {apparently their lady products suck?} - a swimsuit {how practical is snorkeling in a bikini? sounds dangerous.} - textbooks {not a favorite, must be purchased} - toothpaste - chapstick - a gift for my homestay family - etc. blah.
--hugging and loving and talking with and seeing and kissing and teasing and helping and just simply being around my family. i miss them i miss them i miss them already and they're still so close i can hear them breathing.
just call me edward cullen.
laugh out loud.
anyways, i know soon things will all be settled and my worry will be for nothing. but when all i do is sit and wait it leaves me with no choice but to think! shoot!
in the mean time, i've got shopping to do! i was able to swiftly check a box on my list this afternoon after picking up a lovely straw hat! my dad and i are finally twinsies! mine lacks the plastic green sun-guard, however.
will i be a sunburn-free babe, or will i be a sunburn-free babe?
it's ugly in a cute sort of way. cugly, as jen would call it.


  1. It'll be ok, little one. We're only a skype hug away!