an explanation [with spared details, you're welcome :) ]

i'm here this afternoon to bloggy-blast out my deepest apologizes for my MIA status that has taken over here this week [if you noticed? hopefully maybe you're enjoying an extended weekend, too, and didn't! actually hopefully not, this kind of extended weekend is anything but enjoyable].

i shall cut to the chase and inform you that i have been attacked by a small but mighty bug. tragic, i know. fortunately it's nothing a pair of cozy socks and you've got mail on repeat can't fix, and my bounce-back skills [and just so you know, i tried spelling that "squills"? there's a reason i haven't been blogging, people] happen to be stupendous, so i plan to meet you back here for a little onions and orchids action tomorrow. get excited! [and get a flu shot.]

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