onions & orchids ... thursday

i had the greatest intentions of doing onions and orchids wednesday on wednesday, i swear i did. but it just didn't happen. except i started on wednesday, so that counts for something, right??


- the ABC channel 9 vs. dish network cat fight has continued and we STILL don't get channel 9. it's intense. and sean's season of the bachelor started monday. and i missed it. things are about to get ugly.
- flu-ness. it's lingering. and my only food options are jello and broth: my arch food nemeses.
- bruiser watched six hours worth of pretty little liars today. he's hooked. {fine, i was there too... and was controlling the remote... it's whatever}. and i'm not quite sure if this is slightly pathetic or an impressive accomplishment? so we'll just leave it floating here in the middle-like. it can be presented a lovely arrangement of onions and orchids, how 'bout them road apples? as michelle once said.

schmORCHIDS board: 

- jen did her thang and rocked junior high honor band tryouts! she is such a dedicated little percussionist and makes me so proud. that girl beats to her own drum. ;) buh-dum-chhh!
- concession stand nachos. boom.
- it is like christmas never ended for my lucky mailbox, because packages are flowing in by the dozens! {well i've received two so far.. and am expecting a couple more.. so practically?} and they're less of presents, more of things i ordered online. like shoes! {and textbooks, but honestly, ew}.
- i had the most perfectly delicious white chocolate mocha last week, and while sipping it, came across the most perfectly sweet sign. it was a moment.

what are the special little moments of last week that you'd like to celebrate? happy thursday!

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