a bittersweet weekend

this weekend was a delightful one. it's hard knowing my time left at home is limited, but i'm taking advantage of this week and living every moment to the fullest! {hokey and disgustingly cliche, but true nonetheless}.

my last full weekend en los estados unidos {united states! i must practice!} was spent...

... cheering midge on in basketball {and taking selfies}.

... road-tripping to my favorite town to see my favorite person{s} there.
... climbing 186253 flights of stairs with said person to view all of lake red rock from the top of a tower. i'm sure it was beautiful, but we were a little too distracted by how cold it was {and because we were having a photo shoot} to really soak it in. i think it took me longer to climb the stairs than i spent sightseeing? we decided it would be the perfect place to return to on a sunny, warm spring day and have a picnic. {okay, i added in the picnic part}.

... playing cards against humanity. if you have a sick and twisted alter-ego with an exquisite sense of humor, you will fall in love with this game. {apparently i do [shocking, right?], i did. not even ashamed}.
... preparing to open my own pharmacy with the amount of drugs/health products/"safety precaution items" that were purchased during my two hour target expedition sunday evening. after weaving through every. single. aisle. i am fully armed to fight off any cough/sniffle/ache/cut/bug bite/digestion issue {mexican food, yeesh}/rash/eye problem/fever/cramp/allergy attack/stain/burn that is thrown my way. i wish i was exaggerating. my mother is slightly paranoid.
...and there's more where that came from!
... experimenting with cat-eye makeup. meow.

well, i had an uncharacteristic spurt of domestic urges and whipped up some muffins so it's time i take them out of the oven! i hope you had a relaxing weekend, happy monday!

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