this journal, you see...

 Walk in the path He shows you: follow the life-map absolutely, keep an eye out for the signposts...then you'll get on well in whatever you do and wherever you go.
 i sat down last night and opened up my beautiful new travel journal [courtesy of one of my sweet, sweet floormates last semester] and wrote my first entry. [this is the part where i run real quick-like and stash it under my bed before my family hunts down my dearest journal and reads all of my juicy secrets!] each page is marked with a different Bible passage and brief "thought for the day," both full of inspiring words that revolve around growing and thriving while traveling down life's paths.
yesterday's "thought for the day":
They say you will never be lonely from the start of each day to its end if you walk life's pathway with love in your heart, and side by side with a friend.
 i already know, simply by reading the first page, that this book is going to be so much more than a place to record my thoughts. it's a safe haven i can look to to bring me peace of mind when i feel lost and unsure in this big world. when i was writing and writing yesterday in a slightly scared and panicked frenzy, these two phrases were exactly what i needed to read and be reassured that i'll "get on well in whatever [i] do and wherever [i] go."

bring it on, mexican adventures! i'm ready for ya!

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