onions and orchids!

a treat of ice cream sundae wednesdae's past. 
you wouldn't think being off one day would make a difference, but doing last week's o & o on thursday makes it feel like i just did it yesterday! but you know what they say, time flies when you're busy organizing, watching tv, running errands, and spending time with your loved ones!
oh, no one says that?

and now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

- i went to the dentist last week {stinker number 1. i actually hit up the dentist AND the eye doctor in one afternoon! double whammy! but this is me we're talking about here and i have this thing for optometry so visits to the eye doctor are practically a treat}. the dentist sat me down and we had the talk. the one that starts with asking you how school is and then they smoothly transition into compliments on your maturity and while you're all blinded by flattery their sweet smile turns into an evil smirk and they slap your x-ray up on the illuminator and practically threaten to yank four teeth and de-wisdomize you right then and there. followed by a beastly cackle. and i figured i must have dodged that bullet! so that's on my to-do list this summer. fart.
- today i missed my first ever ice cream sundae wednesdae standing lunch date in a whole entire year and three months of central market lunches with my ice cream gobbling partner in crime. i'm bumming. i'm eating ice cream today in your honor, lunch date. lots of it.
- i am saddened to tell you that we are discovering that as my parents' yearages continue to increase, their once-keen five senses are beginning to dull. my father and i shared a popcorn in which he pre-salted last night at {yet another} basketball game and woo whee it was like munching on a salt lick. after a few casual side comments on my part {the first few ignored by him because he can't hear either} he politely disagreed and said he hadn't noticed, all the while fantasizing about a salt shaker appearing in the stands so he could sprinkle on more, i'm sure. and apparently my mom is losing her sense of smell? but whenever she uses this as an excuse it's to her advantage. like she can't smell the surrounding stinks of dirty bathroom, old people, dog, etc? must be rough.
but orchids to them for getting the chance to experience old{er?} age. f'realz.
- we watched pitch perfect! and... i was a little disappointed? *pauses for gasps and "what!?! you lunatic!"s from the audience* i found it funny, don't get me wrong, but it didn't really meet the expectations i had set based on the reviews from all you crazed fans. sigh, three stars.

- i have officially gotten my family hooked on both gossip girl and pretty little liars. it could not have been a more successful winter break.
- this past weekend was the most perfect.
- i discovered that i will have wi-fi not only in the casa de central where my classes are held, but also in the home i will be staying in! {and the starbucks across the street from the central house... ehem}. i originally thought i would only have it in the classroom. it's the little things! {and you lucked out! hello non-stop blogging}.
- there is a 107.4 % chance that at this time next week i will have a sunburn. and it's expected to be 81 degrees when i arrive on sunday. okay, i'm done.

i'll meet you back here next wednesday for our first ever onions and orchids - mexico style!
things are about to get interesting.

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