and now for a completely random yet totally obviously relevant photo:

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someone asked me about mexico and my emotions and how they're all melting together in a big pot of scared-ness and a bystander snapped this photo of me replying and turned it into a "demotivational" portrait. (did you know those pictures framed in black and captioned in white have names? and that name is a demotivational? me neither!)

but seriously, how punny is this?

do you ever go back through your pinterest pins and think "nice work, pinner of the past. you're such a creative rock star! you have the maddest pinterest scavenging skills of them all!"

also, do you ever ask your peers questions that start with "do you ever...?" and they just stare at you blankly, blinking, blinking, and slowly scrunch up their faces in distaste and grumble "no..?" with a quick shake of the head? because obviously whatever it is that you do so often you're sure others lives' are consumed with it too is apparently the most unique and or repulsive thing? okay yeah good, me neither...........

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