so long, farewell

this might be the first weekend of my whole entire existence whose arrival i have been dreading. the hardest part about this adventure of mine is saying goodbye to my loves and amigos for such a long period of time. and plus, i'm just plum bad at goodbyes. but i figure, it must be done! i must bid thee adieu! [which apparently is french for goodbye which is slightly awkward since i'm leaving thee for mexico but bid thee adios does not have the same ring to it.]

at last,

farewell, bitingly cold winter weather. i probably won't miss you.

farewell, my sweet and snuggly little bruiser/brucester/bruise monster/fat head [aren't my nicknames just the most charming?].

farewell, united states. you're pretty... rad? keep on keepin' on?

farewell, pasty skin. laugh out loud just kidding. you and i are in it for the long haul.

farewell, grandma. i'll e-mail you lots... and let's put your new webcam to good use!

farewell, blink/tyrannotaurus rex/doris the taurus [wow we really like nicknames around here!] my trusty slash ugly taurus. trugly. but that's a story for another day. i hope i remember how to operate you when i return.

farewell, my favorite local restaurants [pizza haus, smokey row, etc. i like food]. my tummy growls at the thought of parting from you! [and a stink eye goes out to the new chinese restaurant who declared their opening day on january 21, merely 24 hours after my departure. those inconsiderates.]

farewell, my college friends. study hard, bum harder [cuz it's collegeee] and keep me posted on what i'm missing. or better yet, just don't do anything cool until i return.

farewell, my family. you four are the most wonderful people i've ever had the pleasure of knowing. and you're mine, all mine! muah ha ha. how did i get so lucky?

farewell, my study abroad worries and fears, for you are being squeezed out and squashed by bravery and confidence and awesomeness! take that! *dramatically fake spits on ground for effect.*

i miss you all!
and i'll see you in three months. :-)

ps: i feel very confident that if i can survive packing, i can pretty much take on the world. 

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