i am in the house!

i made it! and i was right, it feels so nice to have my things unpacked and finally be somewhere that resembles a "home." meeting my host family and getting settled in their casa that they are so graciously opening up to me has put many of worries and anxieties to rest.

but apparently a few nervous cells are still bouncing around inside me and chose to make their debut on the evening of my arrival. after clumsily bumping around with my luggage trying to unpack [desempaquetear -- try casually using that one in a sentence!] and get things situated, my host family ordered pizza and we had a nice first dinner together, chatting and getting acquainted [they chatted, i kept my end up with mostly smiles, nods, the occasional laugh, and a si! when appropriate]. as i was carrying my dishes to the sink after we finished up dinner, i noticed my host mother was by my side and that she was speaking to me in a sincere and heartfelt tone. i quickly caught on to what she telling me and before i knew it she was leaning in for a hug. i hurriedly set my dishes down next to the sink [la lavadora -- today has been full of some serious vocabulary learning!], and as i turned to hug her, my elbow swiftly swiped my big glass of horchata and it went flying. all over the floor. and barely missing doña rosí. 

now talk about a first impression.
and a moment ruiner.

i frantically smeared around my little used napkin in the mess and muttered apologizes in english [i was not anticipating that they would be needed the first night! apologizes were on the back burner of my learning stove] while she got a mop, and then i slunk up to my room and cried a little. [and waited for the call that said i'd been kicked out of my home stay house and out of the program and college forever. but looking back, that's kind of dramatic?]

yesterday was much, much better. while i'm sure they all think i'm a loon [sometimes i can be a paranoid penelope...] i managed to consume all of my food and or keep it in its respective dishware. and carry on a conversation or two! good things are happening!

i will post a full on virtual tour soon so you guys are able to get an idea of my living quarters for the next few months. [i thought going around taking pictures of everything might be a little much for the first day. :) especially after my "episode"...]

buenos días!

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