feliz cumpleaños, mi mama

january 31st marks the day in which i get to obnoxiously celebrate the most special of ladies. [of course i do this in my head on a daily basis but it's not every day i get to shout it out to the world! i have to take advantage of my 24 hour window of opportunity that only comes around every 365 days].

so here it is, world, soak up this load of mush and gush about my best friend, my biggest hero, she who doth inspireth me the most, the woman who so generously supplied me with half of my entire dna [good job on that, by the way], the one and only, my momma.

when i was four years old, just a wee lassie, [and an only child, my those were the times! wink] my mom and i would swing by the grocery store for glazed donuts every morning on our way to school [this was before the times of casey's general store and their cake donuts, you see. also, i feel very sophisticated yet extremely frumpy using the phrase "before the times." that's enough of that]. we would settle down in her classroom [i miss that janky old trailer!], secluded from the rest of the world, and as we prepared for our days [her organizing teacher-ly lesson plans, me mentally preparing for the trials and tribulations that accompany play time and coloring; the serious stuff] we talked. and talked and chatted and laughed. she and i had big girl conversations - the kinds of conversations that four-year-olds and their mothers don't typically have. we took this secret "us" time to share our feelings and thoughts and wonders about the big world before us.

and it was in those early four-year-old moments that i knew that this woman - this woman that i was so beyond blessed to have had placed in my life - and i had a special love and friendship that only comes around often, if at all. 

how did i get so lucky? 

fast forward 15 years, and oh boy, i was so right about her and our bond. this mother of mine is so wonderful. she's my best. friend. she's the first person i turn to always, about anything and is the master at responding in the perfect way and saying exactly the right things. she taught me how to be strong and fearless; how to laugh at myself [and laugh in general] and make light of the darkest and dreariest situations. my mom showed me that when you stand up for what you believe is right, you will always prevail, and to never give up or lose faith when you begin to feel defeated. she helped me learn to find the beauty in myself and in others, even when the universe is screaming otherwise. she proved to me that family loves unconditionally and will always, always, always be there for one another, no matter what. and that's all we need.

and if i can grow to be even half of the woman she is when i'm her age, i will be so darn lucky.

so thanks for being born, mom.  i hope you have the happiest of birthdays! i love you mucho.

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  1. The only thing that would make this day better is if I could give you a big hug and the sloppiest of kisses....just because you are so darn special and so amazingly wonderful! Thank you for the birthday wishes and know that you are already a better person at 19 than I will ever be! XXOO