and then the trip to the ruins was ruined

well, yours truly was officially bitten by the travelers' bug, and shoot, it was a stinger. it hit me square in the gut on thursday evening and i was out of order for the majority of the weekend. it's karma, karma i tell you! karma comes back in travelers' bug form and bites you big time for laughing in its face when the sweet little health center ladies were dutifully presenting their pre-departure orientation slideshow on shots, foreign feminine products, and the occasional unavoidable explosion of the intestinal organs due to foreign waters. snicker, snicker! she just said diarrhea! and we all were thinking "pish posh, that would never happen to me. i am the most cautious of them all! with a stomach of steel, might i add!" and then eaves-dropping travelie bug makes a mental note of your most cockiest of moments, and a few weeks in, after a full day's worth of snacks + tuna salad + spaghetti + salsa-covered quesadillas for dinner {at 10 pm.. you're gagging, right? it sounded like a good idea at the time...} he strikes! and boom, man down.
i slept for approximately 35 hours straight {and therefore my sleep schedule is now completely out of whack}, and had to miss our first field trip to the mayan ruins of mayapan and acanceh. fortunately there are many, many more ruins to be seen in my future {and i'm kind of expecting the ruins to be a once-you've-seen-one-you've-kinda-seen-them-all? sort of ordeal}, but i was still bummed to to have missed our first big mayan culture field trip. i'm just fortunate the travelers' bug got to it and didn't decide to delay the process a mere 7 hours! how's that for a nightmare!?
travelers' bug is no joke, so when you start to deem it unrealistic and laugh at the stupidity of it all, think again. those of us who have gotten it and survived are feeling pretty tough and have convinced ourselves that now that we've gotten it we're "immune" and are free to gobble up every last mouth-watering yet extremely questionable street vendor item.
 i am finally feeling back to normal and was able to get out and explore yesterday afternoon. a few of us went downtown to the centro after lunch {or i guess before lunch! i don't know! depends on whose mealular clocks we're running on here!} and went to a few art museums and browsed around at the different vendors. i tried a tamale for lunch {never again} and am still craving that churro i didn't buy for dessert.
next weekend: a churro it is!
bus stop auto-timer shots are the best shots!
sundays at the centro
my tamale - i've decided if i can survive that, i can survive all!

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