so earlier today
i started this stagnant post.
 'twas about mondays.
{and duh, hello, obvious reason for stagnance}.
in said post
i went into mega gory graphic detail about
poor monday. how sometimes
when i'm feeling overly sensitive and sympathetic
i give monday the benefit of the doubt.
but on occasion,
mondays live up to their bad street cred.

and then i told this obnoxious story about
how i left my spanish brain in tulum,
resulting in stale conversation
over bowls of cereal
and me looking like a buffoon
because i can't even remember the spanish word for
"to walk?"

so then i chugged a convenience store frappe,
which turned me into an
and mid-story in spanish class
{yes the story was relevant and encouraged by others, thank you}
my professor interrupted me all concerned-like with
"you sound desperate when you speak espanish.
we need to work on that."
to which i replied
in my head.
fun fact:
the story was about drugs.

and after this obnoxious rant
about these minuscule happenings
that really wouldn't seem so bad
if they occurred on a tuesday,
i stopped
and stared at the screen
and thought
who am i even kidding?
i kind of like mondays.
and this is the dumbest post ever.
going nowhere.
who cares?
not i.
because at the end of the day mondays never seem that bad.
especially when they end in
the consumption of sweet bread
and your test on this thursday gets pushed to next thursday
and the 60+ pages you thought you had to read for class tomorrow
aren't actually due until next tuesday
{so you will save it
so that next monday can suck instead}
and the purchase of harry potter en espanol
and that granola you've been eyeing - but it has raisins?
so shoot, you brave the raisins and wait -
they're not so bad?
munch munch
another monday is in the books.
and life is good.
so bring it on tuesday.
and please consider this my first
of many {new hobby?} poems to come.
for it is so deep.
and pointless.
like most.
i actually hate poetry.
so i will spare you.

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