don't look at me like that, you delicious looking pastries, you!
and now you understand my frequent trips to mega?
i had mentally prepared the most perfect blog post for today {or yesterday? 12:01 AM kind of loses us in a time warp, don't you think? my body says yesterday but my mind says tomorrow..? what's my name again?}. it was just downright lovely and honest and exciting and i was so eager to get to writing it! and then life happened. life! imagine that. and in my post-lunch food coma-ed state i ran into my bed and it sucked me into its nap trap. and then i figured i should walk to the mega superstore {not the mega superstore. its name is mega, it is a superstore... glad we cleared that one up} and pick up some items on my grocery list, items being: two bottles of water, an under water camera {no dice}, and free samples {dice}. so then i returned home and did some stuff!! that i can't even remember and then i went to dinner with my language partner slash new and only local friend and now i'm here, feeling a little bloated {my metabolism is still a little unsure of 10:00 PM dinners} and wondering where my day went. and counting down the minutes until my alarm goes off in the morning. 5 hours and 3 minutes remaining!
now two!
in elementary school i had this shirt from abercrombie. yes yes, i was the ultimate coolest. and i knew it, too. {i believe this was in the same time frame of me getting glasses and braces within months of each other? so, obviously, everyone wanted to be me.} i wore this trendy abercrombie shirt at least three times a week until it practically went from baby tee to belly shirt and abercrombie was no longer "cool." on the front it read:
the shirt was navy blue. the font was robin's egg blue. and i always, always paired it with this pair of rusty pink cotton pants {also from abercrombie}{i am simply a creature of habit. and built for comfort, not for speed. and fashion police's most wanted}. if my mom is feeling feisty this weekend i'm sure she could dig up a picture of this masterpiece to give you a visual image! {just kidding, mom!}
it was, seriously, the ugliest. but i loved that abercrombie shirt. and to this day it sits in the bottom of my shirt drawer, alone, clinging to all of it's precious memories of us and longing to be loved like that again. 
if i were home {or it would be more practical if my dresser were here? but just go with it}, i'd pull out that old shirt and throw it over my head before grabbing my beach bag and sun hat and heading out the door, because tomorrow i'm headed to tulum for a weekend of snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. it's going to be the perfect mini-vacation for a warm february weekend.

speaking of warm, i hope my iowannies are staying safe and warm in that blizzard. have a great weekend and i'll see you back here on monday!


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