Feliz Día de San Valentín

i spent a good half an hour in the pastries/baked goods section of the local superstore yesterday looking for the perfect sweet treat to give my host mom on valentine's day. if my friend that accompanied me were helping me co-write this segment, this is the part where he'd jump in and tell you that i was actually rather engrossed in the free samples of cake donuts, sweet bread, and churros {are you salivating? i'm salivating!} and that i returned for not seconds, not thirds, but fourths of the churro bites {it would have been the same story with the cake donuts but when i strolled past a second time there was only one left, and i felt obligated to rescue it. unfortunately they did not replenish the cake donut supply for the remainder of my time of browsing the bakery [they were probably on to me]. i also sampled a ham and cheese-filled sweet bread? only once. for obvious reasons}. and so the beauty of not co-writing a blog with said friend is that he isn't here to tell you the dirty truth about my time in the sweets section. and how i ate a meal's worth of samples {it was 7 pm and i hadn't had dinner, give me a break!} and how i forgot to use tongs when choosing my breads. i'm sorry, i'm american!

so anyways, after hours upon hours of contemplation {my friends have the patience of gods! i am the most indecisive}, i chose a dono americano, or so it was labeled, {american donut! could it have been more perfect!?} drizzled in the glossiest white, pink, and red frosting. there was even a heart shape or two in those drizzles! they were a bit blobby, but heart shapes nonetheless! 

i held that dono americano real tight on my walk home to avoid smudging {so maybe it was shifting aroudn in a bag with two churros and two other forms of sweet bread that i bought for myself... and practically finished off before even getting back to my house... REMEMBER! THIS WAS PRE-DINNER! i'm a growing girl!} and i set that bag of dono americano on my nightstand so i could guard it until morning! but alas, i failed at protecting poor dono. and the pesky ants that cohabit my {our?} room decided to selfishly consume {or more like just plop on and get stuck in the frosting of? karma, ya darn ants} little dono. 

so it's the thought that counts, right? {also: my churros somehow remained unscathed! and i had them for breakfast! boom!} {and for the record, i returned to mega and bought another pastry for my host mom. ant-free. and she loved it! phew!}

i love, love, love valentine's day. love love! let me say it again! i think it's so special for exactly that reason  so simply stated above: it's the thought that counts. valentine's day isn't {or shouldn't be, in my opinion} about being pretentious or or showy or insert more synonyms of elaborate here!! it's just doing a little somethin' somethin' to show and remind your loved ones of how much they mean to you. it's like trying to return the favor because they making your life so outstandingly spectacurarly worth living on a daily basis, even though that's impossible because they just rock that much!

so happy valentine's day. i hope your day was full of lots of sweet gestures and even more sugar. and a super sloppy valentine's-day-edition kiss with a little hug/tackle for perks goes out to mi ma and mi pa and mi mini-mes and mi pooch and mi grandma {grandma! your time in AZ is up! i miss your e-mails!} and mi best friends forever and mi GFGGs. 

i love and appreciate you all so so much. happy valentine's day!

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