the most pointless post you ever did read

this post is brought to you in part by: my inability to focus on the 3964-and-counting items accumulating on my to-do list (this includes plucking my eyebrows and flossing... heaven forbid i forget to do something so important! and also it maybe, just a little, makes me feel better about my productivity >or lack there of< when i can check things off my list, even if they are just a part of my daily hygienic routine. heck, i might as well jot down breathing and blinking while i'm at it! ;) and i should have never gotten my eyebrows waxed. my brow standards are now too, too high).

i'm currently reading about the evolution of the human eye (actually quite interesting! a fist bump for eyeballs!) for my 10-12 page research paper, brushing my wild and scraggly hair that didn't seem to blow-dry the right way today (it's probably giving me the dry treatment since i hadn't conditioned since thursday -- oops! don't tell my hairstylist!), smearing bug bite relief over the dirty work of the mosquitoes that found my feet yesterday (my professor told us they love gross, stinky feet. i take offense!), and trying to think of ways to stay cool (and focus. i swear this weather has completely warped my attention span) in this 97 degree heat. i'm considering walking the 15 minute trek to the bakery for some pastries, which may be the dumbest thing i could do while the sun is at its hottest, but baked goods make everything better. and it's darwin's birthday, so we have to celebrate with some pan dulce? it's the rules.

pan dulce is not the most photogenic of the pan (bread). i also am not the most patient of photographers and was too eager to eat it to sit and wait for it to strike a nice pose. we're both to blame.

this morning on my walk to class i did something unusual for me. i whipped out my iPod, popped in my headphones, tapped and swiped until i found my music library, and clicked play. i rarely listen to my iPod - i use my music player, but it's never to actually listen to music (what! i'm a social media junkie). my music started blaring and suddenly i was strutting to the beat, feeling the wind in my hair, making that sidewalk my runway, you know? and boy, that just started my day off sweeter than ever! how could one feel sour with the morning sun warming their skin and one direction singing into their ear all the things that make one beautiful? 

when i do listen to my iPod, it's always, without a doubt, the one direction albums on repeat. that thirteen year old sister of mine, she's a bad influence, let me tell you! though for some reason that i will never understand, one direction music makes me weirdly nostalgic. sometimes to the point where it even brings a tear droplet or two to my eyes? i wish i were exaggerating. for this i am not proud! it's probably because it makes me think of home, my friends and family living there, and especially that sassy red-headed boy crazy sister of mine, and the other sister (equally as boy crazy) who likes to tease little j about her fascination with 1D, although we all know midge the beast is equally as obsessed. 

apparently jen caught midge watching one direction videos on youtube last week?
ha, got ya midge! don't think we don't know! even in mexico! i know!

oh, how i miss them.

but really the biggest thing triggering all of those deep emotions within me is the fact that deep down i know and am struggling to accept the fact that zayne malik will never be mine.

the world is a cruel place, sometimes.

but fortunately the good outweighs the bad on this earthy earth, and for every bummer there are about three starbucks, convenience stores, and bakeries right around the corner. and valentine's day is this thursday! the streets are practically littered with red and pink chocately goodness! so instead of pouting about not having zayne as my valentine (or more like not having a valentine. period?) i'm headed out to stick my face in some 5 peso pan dulce

happy valentine's-day-is-in-two-days day and end of carnaval! (oye, carnaval! another story for another time!)


  1. If Zayne saw you doing your moves in the Chichen Itza stadium as those pictures suggest....he'd be yours in a heartbeat. Unless you lost the game and then lost your head...then it'd be debatable. We love you, too!!!!!

  2. *Zayn. But i forgive you. It's the thought that counts :) ahhhh Rachel... I miss jamming out to 1D with you! One day we will both be with our husbands {Zayn and Niall} and we can jam out together. ;) how can one NOT be obsessed with them?! don't ever lose hope.... you have as good a chance as any to marry Zayn. :) I think about you always {esp when listening to my favorite boy band}... hugs and kisses and lots of love~ little j