on our way to the small pueblo of tinum on friday morning, we stopped at one of the seven wonders of the world: chichén itzá. i honestly [and embarrassingly] don't think i realized chichén was on the list until we talked about it the monday before our departure - or at least i hadn't thought about how big of a deal it really was - but wow it really lived up to its reputation... and then some!
chichén itzá was absolutely breathtaking. we arrived early in the day to allow for time to take pictures and get a tour before the site was swallowed up by the anticipated 8000 tourists that pass through daily [the perks of being a "local"!]

the tour guide discussed with us the brilliant design of chichén itzá. the pyramid and arena were engineered to amplify sound - the pyramid itself is one big amp and was used to bounce the sounds of music and festivals off into the community. the arena was constructed for the important bystanders of the game, who sat in secluded, elevated areas at the each end of the field, to communicate with one another using nothing but their inside voices. how someone in ancient history was able to make such incredible discoveries and calculations and bring them to life is beyond me. the mayans were genii! 
the throne of the important peoples at the arena
the throne is to the right and the people seated there were able to communicate with those sitting in the area on the far
the pathways were lined with vendors who were selling any and every little trinket or piece of memorabilia imaginable. little pyramid replicas? you know it! traditional mayan garb? but of course! the mayan calendar in every size and color dreamable? sure thing! pipes shaped like the male reproductive organ? why not! these men and women set up and take down shop every. single. day. i admire them for their hard work and dedication to make a living. the nonstop flow of tourists must make it worth their time. and speaking of time, we did not have nearly enough time to shop and act like obnoxious tourists. i can't wait to bring my family to see chichén when they visit this spring. hurry up, may!
adios, you wonder, you! until next time!

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