this weekend's agenda

i just finished packing for our first adventurous weekend away in tinum, yucatan. we're heading out bright and early tomorrow this morning so we can beat the throng of tourists to chichen itza. we are hardcore ruins-goers! we take these things seriously and have no time for tourists! 
tinum is in rural mexico, with a population of around 3000. when we arrive in tinum friday after visiting one of the seven wonders of the world [shrugs.. no biggie] we are having lunch at the homes of the families who are hosting us and spending the afternoon and evening with them. saturday is going to be completely hands-on -- we're going into the cornfield and learning how to care for their most important crop and then to a smaller town [the name escapes me at the moment.. lop xul? lope xul? please forgive my 1 a.m. brain saggage] where we will be introduced to the art of mayan basket weaving. and probably some other crafty stuff. we'll see! we rise and shine early sunday morning, and after a quick de-briefing session, we will head back to merida! easy as that!
i'm excited for what this weekend has in store for us. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little nervous and uneasy about what lies ahead [the unknown and i are not amigos]. i am not typically one for stepping outside of my comfort zone [and "roughin" it!], but i'm feeling brave! and this is what my study abroad experience is all about. and i packed travel toilet paper just in case, so my greatest worries have already been put to rest! so here's to not being a scaredy cat and trying new things! i have a feeling this weekend will be a memorable one.
well, it's time for me to go to bed. i initially set my clock for 6:15 and thought, oh, we're doin' pretty good on time here! and then bam, i was struck with the remembrance that i need to leave the house by 6:30. and then i sadly turned my alarm back to 5:15. ew. [but thank heavens i remembered!] drat that siesta i took this afternoon, makin' me all wound up and what not.
have a happy weekend and i'll see you monday!

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