it's weekends like this last one, where i spend a non-stop forty-eight hours nose deep in textbooks, notebooks, and scientific journals, alternating between studying and writing, studying, writing, that i longingly dream of a day where i could blog for a living. 

and in between the results and discussions sections and completing my sixth page of nonsense, the sad truth hits me: i can't. studying and i are in it for the long haul. fart.

writing, to me, isn't a hassle or something i feel like i have to drag myself through just to check off my list. it's something i turn to to escape, relax, and free my mind of current worries and stressors, which clearly makes it soooo much more appealing than struggling through trying to understand those big, nonsensical words that will probably just never click.

i love blogging! and it bums me out when i miss a day or two, leaving me feeling deprived and anxious to get my thoughts somewhere more permanent.

but i love eyeballs, too. ;) and yammering on in the spanish language. so right now, those things come first, and one day, all of this yucky studying business will pay off and i'll be doing more of what i love!

blogging and eye-doctoring. what a combo!

so i'll see you back here -- tomorrow! i've got something fun in the works, so stay tuned!

...and i told myself i needed to take the day from blogging to focus on getting everything done for today / tomorrow [a presentation, quiz, 10 page paper, and an exam - woofta!] but "oh, a little update to reassure everyone i'm still alive and thrivin' wouldn't hurt." ha! see what i did there? 
my trickiness capabilities amaze me sometimes.

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