i confess...

i'm linking up with catalyn at confessions of a northern belle to share with you a week's worth of my deepest, darkest, secrets. and here they are: 

i confess... i started a year-long Bible reading plan over the new year and i just plum haven't been doing it. i am so, so behind, and i feel terribly guilty. there's no excuse. [i'm going to get caught up, i am!]

i confess... i have an exam tomorrow that i haven't started studying for. crash course in evolution - ready, set, go!
i confess... i should be studying right now, not blogging. [study breaks are healthy, right?]

i confess... i've spent money on food every day this week. my budget is crying.

i confess... wednesdays are my busy day, so i usually come into the week dreading wednesday's arrival. however, when the day is done, they're never as bad as i anticipate. 

i confess... i got a pedicure for $10 last weekend. ten. dollhairs. that's practically a crime in woman pamperinghood! i feel like i have this dirty little secret, i mean, talk about a steal!
i confess... however... my purple toenails have already chipped. so i suppose you get what you pay for. ;) i'm still pretty proud.

i confess... it's breakfast time! i missed dinner last night, and let me tell ya, this girl, she-who-eats-every-hour [she's like a shrew! they have to eat every 15 minutes! my sweet friend exclaims in my defense],  is starved. and i'm craving yogurt? i hate yogurt!

well, to the convenience store i go. yogurt it is! sorry budget.
adios, hasta mañana, i've got a test to study for!

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  1. I always spend money on Random food items I don't need. I talked myself out of going into some new Thai place by my house Bc I really didn't need to spend $15 on a place I've never been! Thanks for linking up! Good luck studying!