estoy comiendo // i am eating...

warning: do not read on an empty stomach. :)
this just in: i have officially eaten my way through the yucatan.

my absolute favorite thing about traveling is scoping out the food scene - discovering different local restaurants and trying new foods, especially when my destination is somewhere so culturally different from what i'm used to. believe it or not, our trip to playa del carmen pretty much revolved around food... the force driven by yours truly. ;) hey, a girl's gotta eat! and the main strip is loaded with restaurants and shops, so playa was clearly designed around eating anyways. it was a vacationer/vacation location match made in heaven.

feast your eyes on a few of my favorites from last week: 

>> fajitas for a late lunch upon arrival in playa at a festive taco joint, los tacos. we loved them so much we went back for dinner thursday night and ordered the exact. same. thing.
>> the salsas are what made it.
>> we found a literal hole-in-the-wall bagel place called karma bagels for breakfast wednesday morning. we spotted its tiny little sign outside of the store next door that poor karma was practically being engulfed by, and followed the rickety wide staircase up to this beaut of a balcony.
>> we ended up back here, too, for a quick lunch on friday before heading to the bus station {i mean, why fix something that isn't broken, right? it was workin' for us! ... or we're just creatures of habit and don't like change?} but can you blame us? just look at that bagel. i got a nutella and strawberry one for the road. lip. smackin'. good.

>> had to fuel up for a day of laying on the beach.
>>fact: i am a nacho junkie. i have gone top-chef judge's panel on every nacho order within a 57 mile radius of my home. my favorite: {honestly, concession stand super nachos but that sounds completely un-classy [because my obsession with nachos isn't to begin with?]} bbq chicken nachos from bandana's. sounds weird, right!? crossing lines and breaking all kinds of nacho stereotypes. yet still, i'm convinced that even bad nachos are good nachos. these were the good nachos. devoured 'em. after fighting off a pelican or two.
>> tacos al pastor on the left, panucho on the right. pastor is a hunk meat cooked on a giant stick, rotating around a fire, marinated in pineapple juice. panucho {mi favorito} is a taco with beans stuffed in the tortilla.
>> and now for some poor quality iPod photos:
we also had churros, i finally got to try my kibi {the verdict is in: yum. and remember, always, always buy from restaurants, not boxes balanced on the heads of strange men. you'd think this was common sense?}, pizza, chinese, and maybe a margarita or two ;). viva mexico! and every other foreign cuisine, apparently.

and now vacation is over and i'm back in merida, back to reality... eating peanut butter out of the jar. with my finger. right meow.

i ain't kitten.
well shoot, who's hungry?

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