PLAYING CATCH {is there a hyphen here?} UP

i googled: does catch-up have a hyphen? because of course if it does, and if the word pair is as big of a real-life controversy as it apparently is in my mind right now {i may be moving just a little slowly these first few days after break...} then google will surely tell me {gone are the days where i approach my father with an innocent grammatical question and receive "look it up in the dictionary" as a response. gone!}. the first result looked promising, so i clicked on the link and was taken to yahoo's ask site. the page said this:

tadertot7 {yes, i realize i should have just X-ed out of the page altogether after seeing a post from someone named after a greasy child's food.. and i mean the food is greasy, not the child. you get it.}: when do you use "catch up" and when do you use the hyphen "catch-up"?

open4one responded with: i spell it "ketchup" and use it on french fries and burgers. 


my face.

which brings me to my next point: the ketchup in mexico is out of this world. it's a bit more sour and vinegar-y, so this ketchup and i are getting along just fiiine since i could practically drink vinegar i enjoy it so much. or maybe i'm so drawn to mexican ketchup because it's the one thing that makes meal times resemble those in america? 

which in no way brings me to my next point: i'm back! shoot, i hate going long periods of time without blogging. i find myself missing it, thinking up random post ideas at the strangest of times, going through writing withdrawals {alright so writing about fun topics withdrawals.. i spent the last 48 hours cramming my brain full of illegible scientific journal research and forcing myself to try and pretend like i understood enough to fake four pages worth of a written review. the gross writing.} and feeling myself fall further and further behind on my list of things to document, while struggling to find the words to start back up again. but alas, my homework has finally been submitted and i've found time to fill you in on the important stuff, such as:

+ the 100 plus degree weather we're tackling this week 
+ my sunburn status - it's that itchy-peely-watery stage {apparently i'm the only one that goes through this? does no one else's get those little water blisters that pop when you scratch 'em? nope? i just sound disgusting now? k.} and it's barely even leaving a tan behind as a trade-off. rude.
+ i'm on the second book of this trilogy and sigh, it's getting good. i love me a good bad boy + innocent girl = forbidden romance/opposites attract with a disgustingly predictable ending.
+ little j tried out for the WHS dance squad... and made the team! she worked so hard to prepare. i could not be more proud to call her my little sister!
+ midge wore jeans today to school for the first time in.. ever. i couldn't tell you the last time i've seen her in a pair of jeans. life-altering events are taking place back home! life-altering! emphasis!!
+ i miss my family so much i have to talk about them like i've seen them more recently than 8 weeks ago.
+ spring break was ah-ma-zing, but today i'm suffering from the post-vacation crash. you know the one?

there, you're all caught up! stay tuned for stories & details from my trip throughout the week. 

fist-bump me, we survived monday!

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  1. lol... that whole google catch-up thing is hilarious! my laugh for the day :)