i'm feelin' good.

this video. 
simply, beautifully, b r e a t h t a k i n g.

also, i have nary an idea of who that soundtrack is by or what it's called or why i feel like i'm so familiar with it [i'm thinking it's a result of the endless dance competitions i attended as a child? or no wait - is it in the wedding date? did i just make that up? oh, dermot mulroney. goodness.], but i am in l o v e with that song. makes me want to throw on some pearls, bright red lip stick, and do a little hip-pop-strut to the beat, you know? 

in other news, my "about" page is finally filled with words and phrases about me. there's so much pressure that goes into an "about" page - trying to summarize my relatively ordinary self into an eye-catching, gripping piece of writing and just... oof! it's a tough and easily procrastinate-able task. but it has been conquered! and you can check it out by clicking on the "about" tab up top or here.

have a happy weekend and an even happier easter.
i hope you're feeeelin' goooooood. 


  1. good job on your about page, and the picture is adorable :) have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I was so relieved that it all finally came together. :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!