we're embarking on our second-to-last weekend excursion of the semester in approximately four hours, which means my alarm will go off in two and a half, so at this point i am seriously weighing the pros (sleep?) and cons (dealing with the ugliness of waking up to an alarm in the middle of the night. missing all of the 2 a.m. cyber action...) of squeezing in a quick nap before then. 

we're headed to chiapas, a lovely eight hour drive from merida. my annoyingly chronic habit of being an obnoxious over-packer comes in handy for long road trips, because with the journal, word search, iPod, giant bag of snacks + enough sandwiches to feed three people (heaven forbid i get hungry!), and four novels that i packed, there will be no lack of things to do. (honesty hour: i'm more concerned about the fact that we're only making two stops over this eight hour time period? stingy much? restroom breaks are not something to be messed with! hence why i packed, like, 8 pairs of undergarments. kidding?) and in the rare case i get bored, i plan on just conveniently sitting next to my friend who's bringing along the disgustingly cheap pirated DVDs and his laptop. oh, what's that, you're offering me one of your earbuds? well, if you insist! he has rio you guys, how could i not? 

we'll be spending a total of 24 hours traveling over a span of three days, visiting various jungles, archaeological sites, and a waterfall in the area. from what i hear, chiapas is beautiful, hot, and the mecca of cheap handcrafted jewelry. souvenirs here i come! i can't wait to experience a completely different style of mexican life, culture, and geography... and then run back and tell you all about it! (bless you, my sweet, sweet  blog and your sweet, sweet readers!)

nos vemos el sábado, mérida!
see you saturday, merida!


  1. Happy Easter to you, too! I hope you had a blessed holiday weekend.