join me for coffee, would you?

i decided to experiment with my first ever blog link-up today and found the perfect one to try. i'm linking up with alissa at rags to stitches for a coffee date.

so join me for a coffee date, would you?

i decided to stray from today's prompt of my 5
beauty product must-haves, please forgive  
me. this mexican heat melts any product away,
and therefore, there isn't much beauty product
action going on over here. ;)
if you agreed, i'd treat you to the starbucks right outside my building. on our way in, we'd giggle about this starbucks having a valet service and ask each other how someone could possibly be in too big of a hurry to park in the lot themselves and where the heck does valet take the cars in such a busy parkinglot-less area of town, anways? 
if we met in the afternoon, we'd sip on frappes to chill our overheated selves and discuss the 90 degree weather that's hit Merida this week. i'd tell you the locals tease me for dressing like it's summer when it's so obviously the middle of winter, and we'd sigh and agree we will never again complain about the heat of an iowan july.

if you joined me for coffee i would boast about spring break's arrival, and all of the exciting plans that come with it. my best friend is flying in TOMORROW! i'd scream at you in-between bites of my cinnamon roll {oh yes, and i would splurge on a cinnamon roll. go big or go home, you know?}. i get to spend the weekend showing her around my new home, introducing her to my favorite hangouts, force-feeding her my favorite mexican dishes, gossiping {oh how i miss our girl talk}, and making her sample every sweet bread in the bakery. on tuesday, i'd tell you, she and i are hopping on a bus and riding it to playa del carmen. and i'm nervous! i'd exclaim. but i'm feeling brave and adventurous and have everything under control. all there is left to do is make the plans happen and have fun doing it! i think i can handle that. 

we would devise a plan to kidnap {or i suppose we could just purchase..?} the baby turtles i saw last weekend at the mall and smuggle them back into the united states. because little j needs one of those turtles!

i'd share with you my current frustration with learning spanish. how i feel defeated. like i've hit a wall. and fluency feels impossibly far away. but after we think back about where i was when i arrived, a whole month and a half ago, i realize i've improved so much. and i feel way more confident in my speaking now than i did! and once again, i'm reassured.

i would more than likely overwhelm you with stories about my family, because not a moment goes by that i'm not thinking about them.

at this coffee date of ours i'd tell you what i love about mexico. like how laid-back it is. and how it makes me feel tall. i love the bakeries. and walking everywhere. and speaking spanish. i love the connections and relationships it's provided me with. and that it makes me happy. i'm happy. and then we'd talk about how hard it can be to say that out loud, but how important it is to admit it and shout it to the world every now and then. shout it!

and then enough about me, i would say, i want to hear about you. what are your likes? dislikes? favorites? fears? top 5 beauty products? brad pitt or george clooney? the important stuff.

and then we would bid each other adieu with a hug and a kiss on the cheek {which can be awkward your first couple of tries... it's not as easy as they make it look} and a thanks for being my coffee date! 


  1. Hi. Stopping by from the coffee date linkup. love this post and enjoyed reading a few previous one's too. New GFC follower :)

    1. It's so nice to "meet" you, Sarah! Thank you for stopping by and reading, I'm so happy to have you as a follower! :)