life is too short...

+ to hand wash laundry.

+ to get bad grades. so study for that tropical ecology exam you've got tomorrow! study hard! [or maybe life is too short to waste time and energy stressing over exams? this one's debatable. and i'm obviously lacking motivation. help. help!]

+ to pull all-nighters [...studying. life is long enough for all nighters of fun happenings].

+ to not go "all out" on vacation. ps: SPRING BREAK STARTS FRIDAY. I AM GOING ALL OUT.

+ to not laugh at yourself... especially when you come across photos like this [!!!]:
emo selfie poodle/human photo shoot
+ to be humble and pretend like you don't know your dog is the cutest darn creature on the planet. even with an overgrown poodle-cut-turned-fro! would ya just look at him!

+ to fret over missed blog post days [will you forgive me? and please still be my reader? why thank you, oh trustworthy one].

+ to not start your day off with the starbucks frappe that's been calling your name all week. and the disgustingly cheap sweet bread at the bakery you discovered down the street from the school. and why not splurge on a bag of mexican doritos while you're at it? [not for breakfast]. i have the munchies this week?

+  to not have an air conditioner. honestly. she says as she dramatically flops on her bed under the ceiling fan and shrivels up into a dehydrated, sweaty prune.

+ to complain.

+ to lie.

that said, i must go before i am forced to do so. my mother just sent me a text that asked how studying was going? and oops, studying i am not. that lady is so tricky! even thousands of miles away, she knows. fine, mom. my good grades will thank you!

to find my notebook i go! happy wednesday, my friends. i hope it is a cool and complaint-free one.


  1. Hahahahahahah......jajajajajajajaja

    1. I KNEW it! You were just waiting for my post so you could pounce! I admire your reaction time. Go back to work!

  2. I agree with you that not having an air conditioner makes life unbearable especially in this heat. That's the point of this post, right? To see to it that we get the best out of this lifetime. So what I suggest you to do is to make your momma proud with those good grades, and ask for an AC as a small reward for your achievement. Fair deal, right?
    Darryl Iorio

    1. I like the way you think! :) I think she'd go for that.