tulum: a video

apparently, i am not as casual at taking selfie videos as i would like to think, and amidst all of the singing, dancing, and foam spraying, my friends still noticed i was taking a video and that i accidentally had the camera focused on myself for longer than necessary and it looked funny? i wanted to give the viewers the full experience, and it wouldn't be complete if there wasn't a shot or two of everyone in attendance, including the videographer! and i was mainly focusing on the background scenery, anyways. 

they begged me to put this online and i pretended to be embarrassed and shy and told them no, but let's be real, nothing embarrasses me. i get a kick out of this video and figured i'd share, so consider yourself a recipient of VIP treatment via this blog, it's like a backstage pass to see this video that my co-dancers think will never see the light of day. muahaha! enjoy.

and don't tell them.
or do.
i don't care.

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