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photo of tropical animals not in their natural habitat during spring break
also from spring break, which i have yet to blog about. sigh. 
due to yet another (another! and the last! can you believe it?) excursion, i'll be MIA for the rest of the weekend.

we're going to a bioreserve in kaxil kiuic (neither the locals or google map have heard of or know where this is... concerning, no?) where we'll spend the weekend hiking, observing tropical animals in their natural habitat, sunset ooh-ing and aah-ing, bird watching (this is optional, but i'm going to because i know it's something my grandma would love and i want to be able to tell her about it. hi, grandma!) and conducting our very own research project so that we can return and research our subject some more and morph all of this new knowledge it into a beautifully crafted (and completely half... efforted..) 5-10 page paper.

okay, en serio, it'll be a good weekend. and after an overwhelming week of tests+homework+hectic schedules+taking a spin on the emotional rollercoaster a time or two, a weekend away may be just what i need. 

well, buggaroos, i'm off to smear vaseline all over my face and hope it takes my makeup off because i was too lazy to walk to the supermarket and buy more makeup remover pads after i ran out. 
i've heard this works wonders?
if my eyes are all goobered shut in my photos from this weekend, you'll know why. 
ew. sorry. bad images.
okay g'night chickadees.
(aren't i so good at pet names?)

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