onions & orchids wednesday

i wanted to start up again with onions & orchids wednesday to reflect on and chat about each passing week. and i figured, heck, what better day than today!?

- i have shaved my legs every single day for at least six years. until monday (against my own will!). i have never experienced such a disgusting yet freeing feeling. and i couldn't stop petting myself?
- have you ever tried to peel clothes off (or put clothes on for that matter) your body when you're drenched in sweat? impossible.
and now i'm done dispersing onions to facts about my personal hygiene because i'm making myself sound like a gross human being.
- enter generic statement about the heat and how cruddy it makes my insides feel. 
- yesterday the burger king cashier, after seeing my friends and i on probably a tri-weekly basis, finally asked me where i was from. we had a nice conversation that ended with a very fast, confusing sentence on her part and an, "i'm sorry, i don't understand.. ha, ha.." on my part. she went back to the register, turned to her coworker and said (in spanish), "i don't think she understood me. hahahahahahaha!" um well i understood that, lady!! don't underestimate this! *sassy z-snap + booty slap + hair flip combo*
- i'm kind of getting tired of frappes? is that possible? am i human?

- i can blame the strange/awkward things i do on a daily basis on being foreign, even though i do these strange/awkward things in my home country equally as often.
- my family arrives in 24 days. three weeks from this saturday! eep! and no, don't think i'm sparing you of a countdown.
- my mom checked 2 things off her bucket list last week: participated in a 5K and received her coaching license. and that my friends is why my mom is a rockstar. good job, momma!
- it's official. the starbucks staff knows my name. (okay so this is a little embarrassing. and to them it's raquel, which makes me feel like i have this super sexy alter-ego or something). today starbucks man (after greeting me with an hola, raquel!) told me my spanish was really improving and getting good. at least i think that's what he said? ha, i'm that good that i still really have no idea if that's what he was saying or not. ;) we'll go with a yes.
- coffee dates with friends, guys. they're good for the soul. (bad for the wallet. this part is ignored).

update: starbucks man has a name. it's lalo. (?) lallo? lahlo? dudes, spanish is tricky.

what happenings of yours this week are worth of onions &/or orchids? share away in the comments!

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  1. Awwwww thank you, Sweetie! I love you!