our trip to chiapas is officially in the books! we had been told all week, chiapas! we're going to chiapas! but when we got there, to ...chiapas? or wherever we were? it was suddenly being called... palenque? there were a few days of silent wondering um, what exactly is chiapas? on my part, and after my friend quietly shared her mutual concern one night when she asked, "so, i'm confused, where are we and what is chiapas?"  we investigated [subtly, as to not embarrass ourselves, because the state of confusion we were in was em.barr.assing.], and turns out we were in the city of palenque, in the state of chiapas, in the country of mexico.
well, phew, glad we got that cleared up!
we stayed in palenque but spent the majority of the time traveling to different archaeological sites and ended the trip with a beautiful waterfall. the first site we went to was palenque [cleverly named!]. we stopped there as soon as we arrived into town, hence my appearance. the other two were bonampak and yaxchilan, along with the misol ha waterfall [where i consumed the hands-down greatest breaded fish fillet of my entire fish fillet sampling career].
i'm gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. i wish words could describe how truly stunning chiapas is.
ruins of palenque
so.. much.. climbing
*wipes sweat from brow*
just hanging out next to guatemala
climbed these, too!
misol ha
we climbed through a cave with a waterfall

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