proud blogger moment.
i haz discovered ze wonderful world uv picasa.
my photo went from zis:
to zis:
and zis one:
 to zis:
i'm practically a real photographer now.
maybe i should start my own business?
my trusty iPod camera & i.
brings me back to 2011 when i debuted my tweenior picture photography business, rachbug's photography.
you'd hire me, right? and aren't my sisters practically the next gisele budchens?

why must i stumble upon these time-suckers (photo editing + pinterest + netflix + you name it) right before/during the busiest times of the semester? 
and it's always, always at bedtime.
(note: currently 11:54 p.m.)
it makes me wonder if these sites are actually that cool or if i'm just really good at procrastinating and seeking out distractions?
it's probably the latter.
and i couldn't care less.

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