this is where i bombard you with random & irrelevant photos from my sping break trip that has yet to be blogged about.
did it even really happen if it hasn't been recorded in a blog?
life's deepest questions.
also, isn't merida just the prettiest?
this past weekend was of the kind where you cram and cram and cram and push and push and push to get all of those big semester's worth projects done at {not totally} the last minute, spending eons and eternities behind the computer and suddenly it's sunday evening and you feel as though you have nothing to show from your weekend (besides two lovely, shining, poetically crafted {okay, not really, they were scientific... the ugliest of sorts} papers :) except tired eyes and gas station receipts that serve as proof that your weekend meal plan consisted of ramen noodles and pre-packaged "ham sandwiches."

oh and i did see a movie or two {BRAIN BREAKS ARE VITAL FOR PRODUCTIVE PAPER WRITING! we convinced ourselves. AND SO IS POPCORN! i added} so i wasn't a complete hermit.
except in the end i probably would have preferred to be drowning in scientific journals about plants and fish over going to the theater {i take that back because the theater has AC but hear me out} because i saw:

+ life of pi which left me saying "that was the lamest movie ev. er." until my friend told me that apparently there is this whole other uber-deep meaning and it twists your brains all up and leaves you searching for answers? and i didn't pick up on that? per usual? i like closure, people. and straightforwardness. and a good love triangle. so this is why i don't watch award-winning films, like life of pi.
+ oblivion with tom cruise. it had no plot. and it was tom cruise. that's enough.

i powered through the weekend and come monday morning the stress, frustration, exhaustion, and heat caught up with me. i became more overwhelmed the more i allowed myself to think about it, and suddenly, while trying to put my hair up in the bathroom at school, i got downright weepy. because i couldn't get my hair up. i went through the rest of the day feeling crummy, just going through the motions, counting down the hours until i could go home, swing in my hammock, and skype my mom, where i again broke down in tears because my hair looked horrible that day. 

and then i shook my fist at the skies and yelled "CURSETH WOMANHOOD!" got some sleep, and started today off fresh and focused on only the positives. because negatives are time-wasters, i tell you. and also because i get super weirded-out when i feel like i'm pmsing but i'm actually not? isn't that the freakiest? snaps me out of a funk real quick-like.

i'm not proud of how yesterday went down, and it's times like those that make me long for the ease of a "do-over" button. however, i do believe it's days like my day yesterday that bring me back to the bigger picture in life, reminding me not to dwell on the little things, and instead focus on what's most important and truly makes me happy.

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