A few of us on "girls night." we're "white-girling it." obvi totes.
- last night i walked into the kitchen to make a sandwich for dinner, flipped on the light, and saw this ugly, furry, squeaky little mouse scurry out of the bread box. it ran behind the cereal containers and out of sight, along with my appetite.
- today is my last day volunteering at an after-school english program here in merida. a program in which i have told you nothing about! [soon, soon. all good things come in time] they're throwing us a going away party, complete with food and all. i don't think i'm prepared for all of the upcoming goodbyes i have to give in the next 2 weeks.
- i've officially given up on blow drying my hair. i think my hair looks so flat and scraggly when it air dries, but the hotter it gets the sillier blasting my head with fake hot air seems. so i'm embracing the flat and string-ys!

- the majority of the girls in our abroad program got all spiffy and went out for girls' night on saturday. it was simple and relaxed, the perfect night after a stressful finals week. it started pouring during our dinner, and after about 40 minutes of waiting it out, we decided to invest in some free garbage bags and go for it! we ran through the flooded streets, getting absolutely soaked. well, all but our torsos! ;) it was one of the funnest, most memorable nights i've had in merida.
- i am slowly but surely checking finals week assignments off of my to-do list, my stress level shifting down a notch with every swift slash of my pen through those little boxed bullet points! it's such a wonderful feeling.
- rachbug's ramblings got a face lift! or more like a complete facial transplant? what do you think?? i got the itch to start experimenting with html and customization, and once i started scratching i just couldn't stop. like a dang mosquito bite, i tell you!
- my grandma figured out how to make skype calls and called me for the first time last week. it was the sweetest surprise and the perfect study break. i can't wait to see that lady in person!
- tomorrow i'm leaving for a "weekend getaway" to an island on the caribbean. is this real life? it sounds like i'm quoting something from the bachelorette. now if only my very own jef with one f holm and or roberto martinez and or jp rosenbaum would show up and sweep me off my feet. i'll be waiting.

which moments from your week deserve onions & orchids? happy giving!

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